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News on Congenital Obstruction

October 9, 2010

I prepared an article for journal club this week. The study examined outcomes for infants with severe dilatation of the renal pelvis. They had no other abnormality – the ureters, bladder, and other urinary structures all appeared normal. They found that many of these dilated pelvises got better on their own by one year of age. What does this mean for affected children?

Our current practice following abnormal prenatal US of the urinary tract is to obtain an US 7-14 days after birth. If the tract still appears dilated, we see the baby at 1-2 months of age with voiding cystourethrogram and nuclear scan. Based on these results, plus others discussed in the paper, we can safely reduce the studies and antibiotics we use [in these children].

You can click on over and read the detailed post at WhizBANG!

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